Thermal Printer

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Impressora Térmica 80mmCorte automáticoFonte QR-CodeInterface: Porta USB, RS232 e LANVelocidade: 260mm/s
Thermal Printer 80mm. USB, RS232, LAN and Wi-Fi. Automatic Cutter. Speed: 260mm/sec. Font QR-Code.
REF: POS2241Thermal Printer 80mm,with automatic cutting, 250mm/sUSB, Serial and Ethernet portsQR-Code Source
Impressora Térmica 80mmPorta USB, RS232 e EthernetVelocidade: 260mm/sCorte Automático
58mm thermal printer USB port
Thermal printer 80mm Ports USB+RS232+Ethernet Printing Speed: up to 250mm/sec 
80mm thermal printer with automatic cutting and USB, RS232 communications. LED sensors. Printing speed 300mm/sec.
80mm Thermal Printer. USB and RS232 Ports. Speed: 200mm/s. Automatic Cut
80mm thermal printer. USB port + RS232. Automatic cutting. Black. I/F slot (Ethernet, Wifi, optional Bluetooth). 250mm/s. 180 DPI QR Code. Android compatible....
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