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The access and navigation on this Website is subject to these terms of use and assumes accepting and knowing the legal notices, conditions and terms of use contained in them.

1. Sitten Europe, hereinafter referred as Sitten, is a brand of electronic products as well as commerce equipment, such as POS, banking equipment, UPS, peripherals and consumables.

2. The presented information in this web is aimed to consult and to download the files concerning each one of the equipments, provided to the clients for free.

3. In spite of all the commitment and effort made by Sitten to include precise, strict and updated information on the website, Sitten does not guarantee its actuality and accuracy, does not guarantee its suitability for any use and does not bear any risk from third-party usage.

4. Even though Sitten makes all the efforts to keep its website virus-free, it cannot guarantee the inexistence of such. For his own safety, the user must do whatever it takes to guarantee the appropriate safety measures and use an antivirus before downloading any information, software and/or documentation.

5. The Sitten Website may contain links to other websites. Sitten will be not responsible for the content of these websites and does not represent or approves any of the referred websites or its content as if it was its own, seen that Sitten does not control these websites information and it’s not responsible for the information and content provided.

6. In any case or under any circumstance, Sitten will whatsoever be responsible for the non-respect, loss or damage of any kind, including problems that may occur in the computer, data loss, resultats loss, business opportunities loss, commercial activity interruption, neither indirect damage, fortuitous, punitive or exemplary damages or generated from the information usage contained on these websites, personal usage of this information obtained from other websites, or the incapity of using this one or other with links on the website-itself.

7. The Sitten website uses cookies that allow a better experience of the website for the user, notably:

  • Save settings and preferences you may have made
  • Store information in a local way so that you can have a faster access experience to the Website
  • Save your main language to use on the website

8. Sitten has the unilaterally right to change, modify or replace the usage terms of this website whenever it’s considered relevant and without any previous notice to the users of the website. Any modification of these will be announced conveniently. The entry into force of these modifications and conditions of use will be produced starting from the moment of the publication on the website.

9. Sitten can discontinue totally or partially shut down the website at any moment. Due to the internet nature and IT systems, Sitten does not take the responsibility for the continuous disponibility of the website.




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